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Stackable home battery with 9.6 kWh to 38.4 kWh of capacity

Lithion’s Stack’d Series LFP batteries are modular and can be scaled in 4.8 kWh increments, from 9.6 kWh to 38.4 kWh.

Solar briefcase packs in 200 W for off-grid, mobile living

FlexSolar has developed a foldable, portable PV briefcase kit with a charge controller and connection cables.


Hyundai Sonata hybrid is equipped with a solar roof

The 205W PV array adds nearly 1,000 miles of range each year and helps prevent battery discharge events that are responsible for four out of every ten roadside emergency breakdowns.

US consortium aiming for 50-year PV

The US Department of Energy’s durable materials consortium is a multi-laboratory unit that stress-tests solar modules for durability. It aims to extend the useful life of PV.

US EV battery manufacturer demonstrates 750+ mile range, raises $65 million

Michigan’s Our Next Energy (ONE) said it will use the funding led by BMW to accelerate R&D and build a US manufacturing facility.

Water-based electrolyzer for green hydrogen production

Verdagy has secured a $25 million investment for its new electrolyzer technology, which provides hydrogen fuel for heavy industrial applications. The membrane-based technology uses large active area cells, high current densities, and broad operating ranges to deliver hydrogen at scale.

Solar-powered camper from Airstream is a two-wheeled electric car

The camper can be driven and parked without the use of a car, is integrated with solar, and optimized for the electric vehicle revolution.

Floating PV could reach 4.8 GW globally by 2026

Global Industry Analysts has predicted the rapid rise of floatovoltaics, a market that is expected to serve areas with land-use concerns.

Discover Battery unveils lithium ferro-phosphate battery for off-grid solar, tiny homes

At Intersolar North America in California, Canada-based Discover Battery has launched the Helios energy storage system, an LFP battery designed to operate in remote conditions.

Should I include a battery with my home solar project?

An increasing share of residential solar arrays now include energy storage batteries. In this article, costs, benefits and timing of these batteries are evaluated.

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