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All-perovskite two-terminal tandem solar cell tech with 32.3% efficiency

Indian scientists have designed a new all-perovskite tandem solar cell configuration that can reportedly achieve higher efficiencies than similar devices built with the same materials. The top perovskite cell has a wide bandgap of 1.75 eV and the bottom perovskite cell has a bandgap of 1.25 eV.

World’s first utility-scale, rock-based storage facility goes online in Italy

Enel is testing a 24 MWh thermal energy storage system that could be used for seasonal renewables storage. The facility uses rocks that store excess energy as heat, then releases that heat to generate steam for electricity.

IBC solar modules may drive TOPCon out of market by 2028, says tech expert

Radovan Kopecek, an expert on interdigitated back-contacted (IBC) tech, says that IBC solar panels could capture more than 50% of the global market by 2030, potentially pushing TOPCon products out of competition. He told pv magazine how this transition might materialize and discussed the tech advancements that could make it possible.

New standardized guidelines for solar O&M

IEA-PVPS has standardized guidelines for O&M programs for large-scale solar plants. It defines O&M performance indicators and standard O&M operator services, as well as tools to analyze PV plant performance and safety.

New industrial plant concept for end-of-life PV panel recycling

Italian startup Tialpi is developing a process to recycle end-of-life solar panels that promises to recover 100% of a PV module’s weight. The new plant design is currently being tested at the company’s facility in the Italian northern province of Biella.


Grid-tied PV system synchronization techniques at a glance

Indian researchers have compiled an extensive review of all existing synchronization techniques for grid-connected PV systems. They divided the methods into open-loop and closed-loop systems and provided what they defined as a basic conceptual framework to develop superior grid-tied systems.


PCM-based thermal battery to store solar power via heat pump

Norway’s SINTEF has designed a heat storage system based on phase change materials (PCM) that can support PV generation and peak shaving. The battery’s container hosts 3 tons of liquid biowax based on vegetable oil and is now beating performance expectations at a pilot facility.


TOPCon solar cell achieves 24.2% efficiency via new plasma-assisted atomic layer deposition tech

A team of international researchers has simplified the deposition of thin film layers in the commercial production of TOPCon solar cells. Via a tube-type industrial plasma-assisted atomic layer deposition (PEALD) technique, they were able to achieve a power conversion efficiency of 22.8% in a 60-cell, 613 W TOPCon module.


GreatCell achieves 32% efficiency for inorganic perovskite solar cell

Australian manufacturer GreatCell has built a cell with roll-to-roll coating technology. It designed it without a hole transport layer (HTL) and used carbon composite back contacts, which offer excellent electrical conductivity.

Aerocompact launches high-elevation mounting system for rooftop PV

Portuguese startup Solarud has unveiled the next generation of its water-draining device for PV panels with low, sloping inclines. The new design avoids clogs caused by sand and dust, in nano and customized versions that fit installations and modules of different sizes.


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