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Loom Solar hits 50,000 residential PV rooftops milestone

The Haryana-based solar technology startup has announced it has deployed rooftop solar solutions for over 50,000 residential customers across India within four years of its operation.

Fire risks for rooftop solar

A recent study by Clean Energy Associates showed that 90% of inspected rooftops had significant safety and fire risks. Here’s how to protect your solar asset.


Fuel tank factory in Rajasthan gets a 625 kWp rooftop solar plant

Mumbai-based Roofsol Energy has installed a 625 kWp rooftop solar plant at Yachio India Manufacturing Pvt Ltd, the India arm of Japan-headquartered plastic fuel tank producer Yachio.

Uttar Pradesh tenders for 38 MW of residential rooftop solar

The Uttar Pradesh New & Renewable Development Agency (UPNEDA) has invited bids to install an aggregate 38 MW of residential grid-connected rooftop solar capacity in the State of Uttar Pradesh under CAPEX mode.

Enphase powers 160kW clubhouse rooftop solar in Bengaluru

The Nambiar Bellezea luxury villa community in Bengaluru has got a 160 kW rooftop solar plant installed for its clubhouse, alongside 3-6kW installations on more than 20 villas. The 160kW club installation is powered by 320 numbers of Trina 500 Wp solar modules coupled with 320 Enphase IQ7A micro-inverters.


Oorjan launches rooftop solar kit

The solar kits, ranging from 1 to 10 kWp, are suitable for areas ranging from 80 sq. ft. to 800 sq. ft. Data monitoring tools are included to let customers keep track of current and historical generation, as well as smart maintenance notifications.

Mathematical model to predict rooftop PV system yield

Scientists in India developed a mathematical model to predict the output of solar cells and modules in the field. The model was developed and tested using both sun simulator and actual installed modules. The scientists state that their model can be applied to a PV installation anywhere in the world, and that by taking into account module degradation over time their forecasts can be as much as 26% more accurate than existing energy yield models.


Madhya Pradesh tenders 18 MW of ‘RESCO mode’ rooftop solar

The grid-connected solar projects may be set up either as net-metered systems or systems for consumption within premises with no export of power. Bidding ends on November 29.

India offers lowest LCOE for rooftop PV, third-best generation potential

The levelized cost of solar electricity generation from a given rooftop area is the lowest in India (US$66/MWh) and China ($68/MWh), with the USA ($238/MWh) and UK ($251/MWh) representing some of the costliest countries, according to an international study based on data available as of 2018. The study also finds China (4.3 PWh/year), USA (4.2 PWh/year), and India (1.7 PWh/year) have the highest yearly potential of rooftop solar energy generation.


India added 1,748 MW of rooftop solar in the year ending June

The annual rooftop solar installation in the twelve months ending June 30, 2021 included 1260 MW from the commercial and industrial sector and 488 MW from the residential segment.

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